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by Vortech

It eats your soul It consumes the will It fades the shine A damage so permanent All your strength going down the drain Detrimental transition gone astray Crippled beyond any physical limit And the process took a mere minute Far - and few between A world of honor, no longer the owner Transformed is the world, forever, They thought of themselves oh so clever Well it fell through their hands Leaving a scorchmark of corroded lands Free for them to wander and marvel At their magnificent achievement Chemical landscape with a price tag Business is business, and money comes with no flag Be glad to be out of harms way And take your part in the modern day
Cruising through these barren wastes Searching for sanctuary Relentlessly hunted by them Human tissue, but steel inside Deserted are these lands Weeks on end, no signs of life Up in the sky you still see them Ever watchful, scanning us all Out in the cold, dark world Circumstantially absent life Human slaves long since converted Powered by an external flame Streams of light, a nightly event No longer hiding as the need has passed Seeking out all able bodies Cybernetic creations in organic shells Built to last, and to serve Central spire with a kill control Tying up all lose ends A counter for the arrival A crackling signal in your earpiece The General comments on the choice "Save the last bullet for yourselves!" This chilling statement, his final words Now their eyes are set on you! A rush of machinery heading your way You better run, you better hide Or drown in a mechanical tide
Humanicide 03:26
Ever-watchful they stand there Impervious to the freezing rain Protective gargoyles Keepers of enforced silence Scanners penetrate the skin Reaching deep to uncover the soul Fervent scavengers Seekers of unspoken betrayal Sudden is the moment Wings expand, the hunt is on! Steel-blue laser eyes Machines made to deliver demise Tonight they serve us death Mechanicide to end the lies Weakened flesh now bends to will In wrath they are deviced Darkened skies now hammer the streets Piercing right down to the core Forceful deliverance Of the human flaw
Far behind us the earth is burning Disintegrating in our eyes This final journey An escape through the stars Planets all around us cease to exist The black hole is the key An endless space of nothingness Devouring our very being Journey into the unknown We know there is nothing Take your last glimpse and try to forget When the timeless beings run out of time Back to square one, reversal of time A universal collapse - Absolute implosion Faces twisting, bodies in disarray The painful redirection of all things that be Ultimate cataclysm, proportions reduced to nothing
Singularity 04:17
Infinite circles merging The whole is the sum of nothing Everything convolving to one One morphing to all Essential singularity The confusion of reality Discontinuous phases twist what is Infinite contorted gravity Displaced in space and time Becoming something that should not be Event horizon Nothing escapes from here The vortex of distorted mass Shambled dimensions An eternity compressed to an instant Weaving the universe anew The parallel lines of future and past Torn to shreds Construction through destruction Divided into ghosts of infinity
Submit the flaws to scrutiny Artificial DNA enhancing the self Destroy the index to make way Continuous cloning towards perfection Augmented make-up breeding superiority Intellectual property of the chosen few Intelligent design Forced evolution Reorder the structures Compile it anew To build a better product Human 2.0 The construct The organic mechanism Purpose-built And now redefined Constant improvement Never lagging behind The cutting edge of design Forever advanced Disarray of the genome Blending the sequence Genetic structures Torn down and recreated Influx of blood The conflux of improved design
Uncreation 03:19
"Gentlemen, gather 'round the table" A smile and a gesture follows. Suspecting ulterior motives The voice inside calls for strength "We are here to address the issue" Barely hidden fear The eyes, deceptive as they are, A veil of truth to hide deceit "Feel free to peruse the details" A paper lies prepared Curiously ancient looking "Just sign on the bottom line..." "The solution stands in writing" Damned if there isn't something strange Carried out like an empty shell Hollow body with a crooked taint The downward stumble Crashing through the wall Embraced by the darkness outside Money in hand, you fall A relieving breeze of air To get the stench out of your lungs On your way down, behold the nightmare The world destroyed by the behest of your hand "And thus it is written" The fatal contract binding Selling the world Was a deed coated in gold "Our meeting has reached the end" The slither echoes in your mind To this day, it drives you insane A cosmic eye looking back at you


A more electronic-oriented EP prior to the upcoming full album. The songs are fully remade songs from between 2006 and 2015, across three album sessions.


released July 5, 2019


all rights reserved



Vortech Finland

Fast. Futuristic. Electrified.

Finnish industrial death metal since 2000.

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